Local Sports Stores Busy Restocking Following MSHSL’s Fall Sports Announcement

The MSHSL announced that soccer, cross country, girls tennis and girls swimming and diving will happen this fall, so local sports stores are now getting the gear in so those athletes can return to practice.

DULUTH, Minn. – The MSHSL announced on Tuesday afternoon that soccer, cross country, girls tennis and girls swimming and diving will happen this fall, while football and volleyball will be pushed to the spring.

“It’s just nice to hear that the seasons are going to happen for everybody and they’re not just going to cancel one season and play it by ear. It’s nice that all of the kids are going to get to play their sports,” general manager of Play It Again Sports Duluth Steven Holappa said.

And now, local sports stores like Play It Again Sports Duluth and Duluth Running Company are busy stocking up.

“We’ve held off on ordering football and certain soccer stuff because we weren’t sure but now that we know what’s going on, we can start ordering in stuff and make sure it’s here at the right times of the year,” Holappa added.

For both businesses, the usual sports season lines up with their busy times, so now they’re making sure to have items in for the sports still happening this fall.

“Just released several different models of cross country spikes which we were waiting to release until we knew that there was a season that’s going to happen,” CEO and co-owner of Duluth Running Company Clint Agar said.

“We’ll start to see some soccer balls, shin pads, water bottles especially because everyone’s going to need their own. But I think everyone else is going to start to release that now’s the time to pick up their stuff to get ready for the other seasons as well,” Holappa added.

And while they’re looking forward to getting customers in, both businesses are just excited to help athletes get back on their fields.

“Just seeing new people enter the sports. We think high school is a great time to get involved with distance running and involved with a life-long sport,” Agar said.

“The smiles when people come in or leave just because they can go out and play the sport that they love, that’s the best part of working in the sports world. We’re going to have busier days, we’re going to see more people, people are going to be excited to get out and play and that’s what it’s all about,” Holappa said.

Both Duluth Running Company and Play it Again Sports Duluth hope to be fully restocked on fall gear by the end of next week.

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