Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team Hosting Inaugural Conference

The Minnesota Bigfoot Conference is Happening Friday, August 7 - Sunday, August 9

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – Over the past 20 years, Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team has grown as an organization, and now the founder is looking to celebrate in a big way.

Founder Abe Del Rio is thrilled to host the first-ever Minnesota Bigfoot Conference beginning Friday, August 7, running through Sunday, August 9.

The home base for the event is at the Timberlake Lodge in Grand Rapids, with events also taking place in Remer, Minnesota.

Del Rio started the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team in 2000.

The weekend will kick off with a guest speaker dinner which is sold out.

Participants will then head to Remer for a night outing in the woods with special guests and team members.

The lineup of guest speakers:

The conference will kick off with remarks from speaker Bob Gimlin of the famed Patterson-Gimlin film that was taken back on October 20 of 1967. This is famous film footage documenting what is believed to be a female Bigfoot walking along in a creek bottom.

Second up will be Cliff Barackman. Many may know Cliff for being on Animal Planet’s hit TV show, ‘Finding Bigfoot.’ Barackman now runs the North American Bigfoot Museum in Boring, Oregon.

The weekend’s third guest speaker is a researcher from Minnesota that has been studying Bigfoot for many decades. Mike Quast has published multiple Bigfoot books on sightings and reports in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Ron Morehead is also taking part in the conference. Morehead is known for recording Bigfoot sounds in the early seventies in the Sierra Mountains of California.

The fifth and final guest is retired Navy crypto linguist, Scott Nelson.

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You can find tickets to the conference by clicking here.

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