UMD Prepares To Welcome Students In The Fall

DULUTH, Minn. – The University of Minnesota Duluth has put new safety protocols as it prepares to welcome students back to campus.

There are about three weeks remain before students can get back to in-person instruction at the university.

But when student return, there will be a wide array of noticeable differences including plexiglass partitions at information desks.

About 50 hand sanitizing stations are now situated all throughout campus.

Signs to remind students to wear masks are also posted outside of each building.

Nearly 100 facilities staff members will be on hand to frequently clean and sanitize about three million square feet of space throughout the campus.

The university is following strict guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to not only help with safety but to give students and their families peace of mind.

“There’s a lot of smart people that have studied the virus and have given us guidelines on what we are supposed to be doing. We are following those and enhancing those recommendations,” said Operations Manager Chris Stevens. “We’ve also gone above and beyond to make sure our staff and everybody that comes on our campus feel comfortable.”

The admissions department is also taking a few safety measures.

Usually, the campus would hold large campus tours, but that has now changed.

There is only a of capacity six students per group. each can have only one guest.

Even though enrollment is taking a hit due to the pandemic, admissions staff say they will rely on the university’s reputation to rebuild enrollment.

“We continue to focus on what makes UMD really distinct among our peers and other institutions that are out there. We have big academics and we are a part of the University of Minnesota system,” said Ian Pannkuk, director of Marketing.

Although safety plans are in place, university officials know students and staff will also have to do their part in stopping the spread of the virus.

Move-in day for UMD students will begin on August 26th.

The process will run for a total of five days to provide extra support for social distancing.

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