“Black Is Beautiful” Beer Debuts At Bent Paddle

The new beer flavor is being shared to shed light on injustice impacting people of color.

DULUTH, Minn. – Bent Paddle Brewing Company in Duluth is bringing awareness to injustices impacting people of color.

The brewery is collaborating with more than 1,000 other breweries in the nation by creating their own version of a beer called “Black is Beautiful.”

The beer is an imperial stout with hints of chocolate and roasted coffee.

The original recipe was created by the Weathered Souls Brewing Company in Texas, but each brewery has the chance to put their own twist on their version.

The “Black is Beautiful” initiative was started to help bridge the gap and create a more inclusive environment.

“I hope it’s a message of support and alliance. We want the community of color to know us at Bent Paddle are in this with you,” said Taproom Director Pepin Young.

“Black is Beautiful” is available at Bent Paddle starting on Friday.

All proceeds will go to the Duluth NAACP and the Minnesota Craft Brewery Guilds’ diversity scholarship foundation.

Ursa Minor is also creating its own version of the beer.

It is expected to debut next month.

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