First Annual Bigfoot Convention Held in Grand Rapids

More than 50 eager people visited the Timberlake Lodge to learn more about others' experiences with Bigfoot.

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – Bigfoot enthusiasts from across the country gathered in Grand Rapids for the first annual Minnesota Bigfoot Convention to talk about their experiences with the infamous primate some say they’ve encountered.

Some describe it as a smell, some describe a growling noise, and some have reportedly seen abnormally large prints.

These are all stories that were told by Bigfoot believers at the first-ever convention put on by the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team.

More than 50 eager people visited the Timberlake Lodge in Grand Rapids to learn more about others’ experiences with the hairy creature.

“This conference is for anyone who has an interest in Bigfoot I don’t care if you seen it you like it if you loved in search of it back in the day it’ for anyone that has an interest,” said Joel Sturgis, a member of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team.

The conference marks the 20th anniversary of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team.

The team has now grown to 11 members.

They research potential Bigfoot sightings around the region.

Members say they are happy to put on the conference to help people tell their stories.

“It makes me feel really good it tells me people aren’t so close-minded anymore there is still a chance for excitement and adventure,” said Abe Del Rio, the founder of the Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team.

Some people who are fans of science fiction came out to the conference for fun and are open to learning more about the possibility of Bigfoot.

“I’m more open to it because these people really did have real experiences you can see they are having real emotion when they are re-experiencing what they’re telling,” said Lisa Tenter and Mercedes Means who were visiting for the conference.

One speaker has produced several Bigfoot shows for cable television and says he’s so glad people feel more open to talking about a polarizing topic.

“People come up to me all the time, yeah thank god that I found out it’s ok to talk about it with the other witnesses,” said Doug Hajicek, who’s worked on shows like Monster Quest.

The conference was pushed back from its original date due to COVID-19.

Masks were required and hand sanitizers were put out around the venue.

All the precautions were there to allow people to come together for a common purpose safely.

“They’re real, they’re here in Minnesota, and we are on their tail,” said Del Rio.

The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team says next year’s second annual conference will definitely be happening and will be even bigger.


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