Making Home Candles at Riverside Soy Candles

Riverside Soy Candles currently doesn't have retail hours, but their candles are sold at small shops around Duluth. You can also sign up for a private candle making class at their store.

DULUTH, Minn. – There’s something about candles that ties a home together.

“I think it’s just comforting to have something in your home that makes your home smell good and welcoming and just comfortable being in your own home,” owner of Riverside Soy Candles Danette Thacker said.

Riverside Soy Candles, located in Lincoln Park, makes and sells soy candles.

“Riverside Soy Candles is a Duluth business and I like to do Duluth-themed candles, Minnesota themed candles. I like quirky, fun names to go with my scents,” Thacker said.

They’re all 100 percent soy candles, which creates less smoke.

“Soy candles are slower burning, they burn clean, they’re renewable, it’s a renewable resource,” Thacker added.

Riverside Soy Candles currently doesn’t have retails hours due to COVID-19, but they’re holding private classes of up to 10 people where you can make your own candle.

“You’ll come in and pick out your jar, you’ll pick out your scent and you’ll go to your seat. I bring some wax out to you, you’ll measure out your wax, you’ll measure out your scent then you’ll mix them together and pour it into your jar. While your candle is setting up, you can shop around the store. It takes around 45 minutes for your candle to set up,” Thacker said.

And with 50 different scents available, there are endless possibilities to make something you’ll love.

“Some of the scents people mix together, I’m like there’s no way that’s going to work and then they put it together and it smells great. I love seeing people’s creativity and what they come up with, and their designs on the label, it’s fun to see,” Thacker added.

Riverside Soy Candles are currently sold at small shops around Duluth, and you can find a list of those stores or sign up for a private class on their website.

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