Esko Wins Senior Babe Ruth Baseball Tournament

The Eskomos defeated Evelth-Gilbert 16-11 in the championship game.

ELY, Minn. – For the first time in several months, a champion was crowned in a sports tournament. Imagine saying that at the start of the summer. But it’s true, and the winners are from Esko.

The Eskomos won the Minnesota District 8 legion baseball championship. The tournament is classified as a Senior Babe Ruth league for high school-aged players with the cancellation of Legion baseball earlier this summer. The tournament was hosted in Ely and Aurora, which made for a great time tor the coaches and the players.

“They have so many people there that are baseball people that know how to put something on. I think the one thing Ely had going for them is their ballpark. It’s spacious. Every time I’ve been up there, it’s always a great experience. The kids, their first time up in Ely they’re like ‘Holy cow. there’s a baseball field like this in Ely?’ It’s a hidden gem,” head coach Ben Haugen said.

Haugen added that he hopes the tournament sets a great example for the future of high school sports and the chance for them to happen this school year.

“What could happen is if all of the other stuff gets in the way and we think about we got to make money. We got to have a state tournament so we can make money or stuff like that. I think all that other stuff could get in the way. But if we focus on the fact that the kids really need this, I think you can make it work,” said Haugen.

The Eskomos defeated Evelth-Gilbert 16-11 in the championship game.

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