Hospitality Industry Businesses In The Northland Are In Need Of Workers

DULUTH, Minn.- In ordinary times, employers filling open jobs may have been an easier task, but with so much uncertainty surrounding the ongoing global pandemic, finding those job seekers has become much more difficult for many Northland hospitality businesses.

The pandemic continues to force people to adjust to new normals.

One of those is how businesses such as hotels and restaurants are finding potential employees.

Tourism is a big moneymaker for many of those businesses in the Northland.

Without workers to fill open hospitality positions, these businesses may not be able to capitalize fully on generating revenue from visitors.

“I think one of the problems employers right now is people don’t realize they are hiring. the hospitality industry employers in our area have really reached out and let us know that they are having a hard time filling their jobs and that they are really in need of more staff,” said Betsy Hill, employment technician for the City of Duluth.

Lack of awareness is not the only problem with getting jobs filled.

Many people are worried about how their safety might be impacted if they return to work.

As the need for employees grows, businesses like Grandma’s Restaurant Company are working to minimize that worry.

“We want to be a good employer and take care of those working with us. We want to provide good opportunities like advancement and by making sure they feel safe while they are working. Here at Grandma’s we plan on doing both of those things all the time.

The Grandma’s Restaurant Company has a variety of open positions including front and back of house staff, cooks, and chefs.

Other job opportunities are also available at local hotels including park point marina inn and bluefin bay in Tofte.

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