Some Tree Services Receiving Less Calls This Summer

The owner of Dan the Tree Man says people should always call a professional because downed trees can pose a significant danger.

CLOQUET, Minn. – After this weekend’s storms, trees were down all over the area prompting some people to call businesses that can stop by and safely remove them.

Many trees fell across roads, driveways, homes, and yards this weekend.

However, one professional, known as Dan the Tree Man, only received two calls.

He says calls are down altogether this year with only three storms causing the need for service.

The owner of Dan the Tree Man believes that because this storm hit in Carlton County is why he did not receive more calls for service.

“When it’s more rural people tend to take care of themselves rather than have somebody come in and pay them to take care of it and only if it’s going to kill them do they call me,” said Daniel J. Tarr, the owner of Dan the Tree Man.

He also says that if anyone is in doubt to always call a professional.

Trees can very easily twist and fall and pose a great risk to those cutting them up.