Mayor Larson Endorses Biden For President, Talks Future Political Aspirations

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth Mayor Emily Larson is backing Joe Biden for president and says he and his running mate Kamala Harris have the intelligence to move the country forward.

“To me, it’s a ticket of people who have a depth of knowledge capacity and emotional intelligence to really be a powerful force of change and good, and I really think that is what we need in Duluth,” said Larson.

Larson says her endorsement is not affecting her day-to-day duties as mayor, but she says it’s important to speak up for who she believes should be the next president because she says what’s happening at the national level can benefit the citizens of Duluth.

“Whether that’s investing in housing strategies that ensure more people have access to affordable housing, whether that is healthcare and insuring in this pandemic crisis that we could have been prepared with testing and with a national strategy that this community would really benefit from,” Larson explained.

Meanwhile, with the DFL party organizing Larson’s opportunity to speak to the media Tuesday about the Biden-Harris ticket, FOX 21’s Dan Hanger asked if Larson has any aspirations down the road for a higher political office at the state or national level.

Here’s part of her response:

“Ya know what, Dan, I think you’ve asked me this a bunch of times. My answer doesn’t change that I’m sorry I think it’s really disappointing for people but I really feel called to finish my work here. This is what I ran for. This is what I asked people to trust me with was to be a mayor,” Larson said.

Larson went on to say she hasn’t put her name out there for races and she’s not even focused on what happens at the end of the next three years as mayor of Duluth.

“It’s just not how I choose to go into my day, thinking that I’m going to work toward this other thing that might be better. It’s like, how can I make what I’m doing now the best place to be because I am here and I am doing it,” Larson said.

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