Gondik Law Speedway Hosts Seecond Annual Suicide Prevention Awareness Night

The event raised money for different local nonprofits that provide support and services for suicide prevention.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The 2nd annual Suicide Prevention Awareness Night was held at the Gondik Law Speedway in Superior on Friday night.

The night of races and other events raised money for different nonprofits that provide support and services for suicide prevention and worked to make suicide a topic that people feel comfortable discussing.

“When someone dies of cancer or from a heart attack, people ask questions. People don’t say that with a suicide death, so we want to provide a support community for those people who have lost loved ones, as well as fighting some of the stigma that comes along with not only suicide but suicidal thoughts,” event coordinator Dana Stroschein said.

One of the nonprofits receiving donations from the event was Warriors Next Adventure, which works to specifically help veterans not feel isolated, as seclusion is the number one leading cause for suicide among veterans.

“When you have somebody who’s like you actually talking about suicide, talking about suicide prevention and actually talking about the vulnerable issues that you may not really want to tell people. When you get those things off your chest and you have somebody to talk to, it makes it a little bit easier to move on from those past traumas,” Warriors Next Adventure founder Nicholas Rahn added.

The winners of each race received trophies that were dedicated to individuals who have died of suicide.

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