Huskies Second Annual Golf Scrambles Raises Money to Support the Team

Last year, the Huskies donated the money raised to the Poplar Volunteer Fire Department. This year, the Poplar Golf Course suggested the money raised go back to the Huskies after their season was canceled.

POPLAR, Wis. – Things were pretty quiet this summer in Duluth as the Huskies canceled their season due to COVID-19. Not only did we not get any baseball but the team was also not able to bring in much money. So on Saturday, the Huskies ditched the baseball bat for a golf club to raise some money.

Saturday was the second annual Duluth Huskies Golf Scramble at the Poplar Golf Course. Last year, the event raised money for the Poplar Volunteer Fire Department. The Huskies were looking at some different organizations to donate this year’s profits to, but then the golf course had another idea: to donate the proceeds back to the Huskies.

“They’re a local team and they rely on the community to help keep them alive. Without the season and having their fans and the community come out and support them, it’s kind of tough for them to operate so that’s what we wanted to do is just make sure we could help out and do our part,” Poplar Golf Course manager Andy Knudson said.

“It was very humbling and it made us feel like wow, a lot of people do care and understand what’s going on,” Huskies owner Michael Rosenzweig added.

The Huskies are a seasonal business, meaning they make most of their money during their season, so not playing at all this summer has been tough to navigate.

“When you buy a business, when you start a business, you build a business plan. I’ve yet to see a business plan ever built out there that includes not doing any business for a whole year. We’re a season business and so it’s been very, very hard,” Rosenzweig said.

The funds from Saturday will go towards keeping their operations going, and the Huskies are already looking forward to being back on the diamond next summer.

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