Salvation Army Rookie Basketball Player Raises Funds to Help Others Play as Well

12-year-old Nathan Easty sold sporting goods outside of his home on Saturday to raise money for scholarships to play basketball.

DULUTH, Minn. – A 12-year-old basketball player in the Salvation Army’s Rookie Basketball Association raised funds to help others afford the chance to play on Saturday.

Nathan Easty is the youngest of five brothers who have all played in the Rookie Basketball Association where their father is also a coach.

So when Nathan had an idea to help fellow basketball players his family was all-in.

“Some people don’t have enough to afford it so it’s just to help people who need it,” said Nathan about the Salvation Army RBA.

Nathan held his “Bikes for Basketball” event to sell sporting goods outside his home on Saturday.

Bikes, shoes, and other sporting equipment donated from Nathan’s own family and others were sold raising more than $400.

A large portion of that money will be going to the RBA’s scholarships for the season.

Nathan says he knows how tough these times are and wants to give kids a chance to enjoy the sport.

“Just get out and hang out and meet new people and just play basketball…sportsmanship and how to play and cooperate with people,” said Nathan.

The Salvation Army RBA normally relies upon local businesses to sponsor their scholarships.

Unfortunately, some of those businesses haven’t even been open due to the pandemic.

In fact, if the season happens, they expect they will need more scholarships than ever for players.

Kris Mallett, the coordinator for the RBA, says she’s so thankful to Nathan for raising money to help others.

“For taking the initiative to be something and do something to see a need that’s there and want to do something about it and to take an opportunity when everything is kind of up in the air and there’s not a lot of good happening to be hope for someone,” says Mallett.

Mallett also says that if the season goes on, it will be done in a safe way to keep the trust of the community in their organization.

They are still accepting donations and can be donated here. For any money to be routed to the RBA, the donation needs to be made “in honor of the RBA”.

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