Businesses and UMD Students React to Decision to Push Back Move-In Day by Two Weeks

Some local businesses that college kids go to say they won't see too much of a change with the push back of move-in.

DULUTH, Minn. – Students at UMD were getting ready to move into the dorms this Wednesday and now that date has been pushed back until at least September 9.

Some parents had already asked for the day off work to help their kids move in.

One UMD senior says he isn’t really impacted by the decision but his freshman sister is impacted.

He says he understands why the safety restrictions are in place, but feels that it will hinder his sister from having that first year of college dorm experience.

“I think that was a huge part of becoming part of the community here at UMD getting to know all your floor mates being able to go to the dining center and eat them and study together in the lounges,” said Sam Nesheim, a senior at UMD.

Some local businesses that college kids go to say they won’t see too much of a change with the push back of move-in.

Over at Kenwood Laundromat, owner Brent Consie says during the school year studnets are around 10-15 percent of business.

Most of the customers are full-time residents in the area.

“This time of year is kind of transitional the tourist season is typically over with and the college kind of stats to come back in so for the next two weeks to a month or so it shouldn’t hurt us too much, afterwards we might see a little bit of a dent then,” said Consie.

From the very beginning of the pandemic the laundromat has been cleaned meticulously each night.

Customers are asked to wait in their cars while doing the laundry to give everyone their space.

Consid says he wants it to be a place people can depend on.

“We just want to make sure that everyeone is able to do laundry if they can we are here making sure the place is clean everyone is wearing a maks nad they can do it safely,” says Consie.

Over at Pearl Nails and Spa, it’s much of the same story.

According to owner Jimmy Ta, most of their business is also largely residental customers who live in Duluth full-time.

“The students they only get their nails done when they have parties or somewhere to go or spring break they’re college kids,” said Jimmy Ta, the co-owner of Pearl Nails and Spa.

In fact, he says having less students makes their workload more manageable.

The spa operates strictly on anĀ  appointment basis and is now only open 5 days a week as opposed to 6.

Ta says that even with all the new COVID-19 safety requirements, they are still busy.

“We can only do so much so we always booked up all the time anyways so it doesn’t seem any different for us,” says Ta.

Even when studenst are allowed to move back in and some classes can resume partially in person at UMD, the university says they want to make surethey can limit the spread of COVID-19.

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