Highway 45 Thrift Store Serving Community Need

With the Salvation Army and Goodwill closed in Cloquet, the new thrift store hopes to help get people what they need.

CLOQUET, Minn. – Highway 45 Thrift Store finally opened its doors in June, making a dream turn into a reality for co-owner Jill Rousseau.

“I’ve always wanted to have a store and we finally have the opportunity to have one because the time was right to open one. We had Goodwill close and Salvation Army,” Rousseau said.

The thrift store has a little bit of everything from donations that have been sanitized to items the owners buy.

“When businesses go out of business, we go there and make a bid on everything that’s left in the store and that’s how we get the new merchandise that’s in. and then some of the stuff we order online,” Rousseau said.

Giving people the chance to find what they need at a low price or pick up something different.

“You can find all kinds of interesting stuff, things you’ve never seen before. There’s a lot of things that I’ve seen go through here that I’ve never seen before,” Rousseau added.

While Rousseau is happy to have her doors open, she mainly enjoys making things easier for those who really need items.

“There’s so many people that need things so why throw it away when you can give it to other people. If I see someone is short a little bit of money, we have a jar in the back where we can throw in a dollar or whatever they need that way people can actually get it,” Rousseau said.

And for a community that recently lost two other thrift store options, having the store up and running means a lot to customers.

“They all say that they’re happy that we’re here because that way they have a thrift store,” Rousseau added.

Rousseau is working on another store which will be opening in the future at 802 Carlton Avenue, but for now she’s just enjoying having her dreams come true.

“It just makes my heart feel like it’s lifted my spirits, I walk around more happy than I’ve been before just knowing that I finally got what I wanted always,” Rousseau said.

Highway 45 Thrift Store is located at 349 Scanlon Way in Cloquet.

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