CSS Golf Continuing Practice Despite Canceled Season

Just one day after the UMAC announced that golf would be postponed to the spring, the Saints were out on the course getting some practice rounds in.

DULUTH, Minn. – Last month, the UMAC said golf would be one of two sports to compete this fall in a conference-only schedule. But on Monday, the conference announced the postponement of both golf and cross country to the spring. But the St. Scholastica golf team is putting in the work now to stay ready.

Just one day after the announcement, the Saints were out on the course getting some practice rounds in. Despite the difficult news, the team wants to still improve each day to be ready if the spring season does happen.

“We’re trying to make the most of what we’ve got here. It was kind of heartbreaking the way we found out, we were actually practicing here. As hard as it was to just feel sorry for ourselves, we’ve got to make the most of what we’ve got and hopefully come away with a conference championship in the spring now,” senior golfer Sam Long said.

“We’re still going through our preseason as if we were going to compete.We’ll do different match play and fore ball and just keep some competitions within the team, keep things light but also give them something to work towards,” head coach Rachel Gray said.

While they’re practicing for a potential spring, they’re trying to not get ahead of themselves. Golf is split into a fall and spring season, and the Saints were in the middle of their first invitational when everything was canceled back in March.

“I always say you never know when that round is going to be your last and now we are living it which I think gives a little bit more drive and passion to really work hard,” Gray said.

“Ever since I started on this team, it’s just been a family. CSS, it’s something that we all talk about at Scholastica is the community feel and it translates to the team as well,” senior golfer Hannah Johnson added.

“I’ve met my best friends on this team and still trying to get better at my game and hopefully continue my career after college,” Long said.

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