North Shore Adventure Park Gives Visitors a Thrilling Challenge

North Shore Adventure Park has been open for a little over a year and has multiple courses for anyone to try.

SILVER BAY, Minn. – North Shore Adventure Park is challenging people of all ages.

“It’s about climbing in the trees, it’s about challenging yourself. “We have a little rascals playground for kids 3-6. It’s enough for them to practice and it’s only about 6 inches to a foot off the ground. I’m 69 and I challenge any senior out there to come on out, try the blue course because seniors can do it and almost anyone can do it if they put their mind to it and if they challenge themselves,” owner Phil Huston said.

“I thought I was going to have to help her more but I’m finding I’m probably need more help than she did. My age is catching up to me,” Kelsey Thomsen added.

The ropes course and adventure park in Silver Bay has been open for a little over a year.

“I was imagining kids climbing in the trees and going from platform to platform and now it’s a reality and the families and the climbers enjoy this activity outside,” Huston said.

The park is labeled like a ski hill with a yellow course, a couple of green courses, a blue course and a black course.

“They go to the main platform and on the main platform, they have six trails that they can choose from so all of the trails start on the main platform and then they end close by, right around the central part of the adventure park.” Huston said.

Not only are the different trails fun, but they provide a challenge of either getting over a fear or trying something new.

“When you see some of these obstacles like the giant vertical hanging ropes on the black course, it’s just daunting and you think no way but if you just take a couple breaths, take your time and try it out, you finally get the technique,” Huston said.

“It’s a challenge, I don’t need to challenge myself, it is a challenge. Some of them, I lost my balance and kind of went sideways but pulled myself up,” Thomsen added.

North Shore Adventure Park hopes to continue to grow to allow for anyone who visits the chance to enjoy the adventure.

“It’s about shedding all of the worries of the world for a little bit and zip lining and just being in the moment and just getting some really good exercise and bonding with family and friends,” Huston said.

To learn more, visit the North Shore Adventure Park website.

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