Onewheel Riders Express Passion For The Adventurous Activity

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From hiking to biking, Northlanders are doing all they can this summer to experience the great outdoors and keep somewhat sane amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

One small group in the area is branching out with a need for speed, and a passion for sightseeing on one wheel.

“If you’re ever bored, you’ll never be bored again,” said Eric Hester, a passionate Onewheel rider.

If you ask Hester, one wheel is better than two.

“It’s like a skateboard with a go-cart tire in the middle,” said Hester.

The adrenaline junkie and Onewheel rider took interest in the hobby about a year and a half ago.

“You don’t have to necessarily snowboard or ski,” said Hester.

Since he started tooling around town on one tire, Hester has put a distance of about 24-hundred miles on his board.

“Most of its all Duluth – the Munger Trail, take it up to Cloquet, go all the way to Lester from West Duluth, all the way around Canal. On my battery I can get over 30 miles,” said Hester.

The hobby continues to attract other Onewheel riders across the Twin Ports.

“They’re new, they’ve only been around about four years so they’re growing,” said Hester.

From tips to tricks, he’s happy to teach anyone a thing or two about Onewheel boards.

“There’s a sensor on the front of the Onewheel, you can see the line in the middle. Once your foot is on there the sensor feels your foot and then you can push up, the motor will engage to help you balance,” said Hester.

While the adrenaline rush may seem daunting to some, others feel it helps with keeping a clear mind.

“When I’m on it I just feel clear-headed, it’s pure freedom when I’m on my board,” said Adam Van Loon, Onewheel rider.

Van Loon loves seeing the city from the balance of his board. He’s just one member of the Northland Onewheel clan.

“Now I notice there is a small handful of us starting to grow around town so that’s pretty cool,” said Van Loon.

During a time of social distancing, Van Loon and Hester believe there’s no better way to safely explore the outdoors than on a Onewheel with close friends following behind.

“Feeling like Marty McFly from Back to the Future 2, I mean it’s pretty much what it feels like,” said Van Loon.

From futuristic feelings to memories in the making, the group encourages Northlanders young and old to invest in this new entertainment experience.

“If your kid is sitting in front of an Xbox all day and you don’t know what to do with them, get them off the couch, tell them to get to Canal, and come ride with us,” said Hester.

The local Onewheel group is hoping one day to be able to rent Onewheel boards in Canal Park.

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