Check Your Mailbox! Bridge to Health Survey Sent to 27,000 Northland Residents

The Survey is Sent to Residents in Northeastern Minnesota and Douglas County Once Every Five Years

DULUTH, Minn. – 27,000 Northland residents will soon receive a survey in the mail from Generations Health Care Initiatives.

Known as the ‘Bridge to Health Survey,’ this document helps provide vital information regarding resident’s access to healthcare throughout Northeastern Minnesota and Douglas County, Wisconsin.

The comprehensive regional health status survey asks residents about health conditions, access to mental health, dental, and medical care services.

It will also ask questions regarding your lifestyle and environmental factors such as access to transportation and housing.

This year’s survey also includes questions regarding COVID-19.

“The survey data is used by a variety of organizations and individuals to better plan community health initiatives. This information is used by hospitals, clinics, public health organizations as well as many nonprofits in the community,” said Mary Rapps with Generations Health Care Initiatives.

In 2015, the survey showed how smoking rates had decreased in the Northland. However, food insecurity increased in the region according to the 2015 study.

The survey first began in 1995. It’s sent to households every five years.

Households are randomly selected to take part in the survey.

“Please don’t throw it away! Open up the envelope and take a few minutes to fill out your information,” said Rapps.

Click here to learn more information about the 2020 Bridge to Health Survey.



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