Proctor’s District Nurse Preparing for Uncertain Year

Carlie Anderson has been working with the administration all summer to make sure they have a plan in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when the school year starts.

PROCTOR, Minn. – As schools around the area prepare to open their doors again, school nurses have been working all summer to find ways to keep students healthy.

Normally some nurses have the summer off work, but this year Proctor School District’s nurse, Carlie Anderson, has been working with the administration to make sure they have a plan in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when the school year starts.

“Right now I think the only thing we can depend on is change,” said Anderson.

Proctor schools will be operating distance learning for middle and high school.

The elementary school will be operating on a hybrid plan.

Anderson says any student who comes to her office with symptoms of COVID will be taken to an isolation room before being sent home.

She says the most important practice to help stop the spread within the school is the 6 feet of distance, the masks, the hygiene, and the staff and students staying home when they feel unwell.

“A lot of times there are other things going on that do and we don’t want to overlook those because  I know people have COVID tunnel vision right now so we really want to be open with the other things going on in their normal baseline health,” says Anderson.

If a student does get COVID-19, county and state health officials will be contacted.

They will then identify who the staff member or child has been in potential contact with.

Anderson says it’s a stressful time for everyone so she will be there for students and staff.

“I know there’s a lot of heightened anxiety so we are just trying to give our teachers everything we need to feel the most safe and we are just going to deal with those times when we are a little scared and we are going to work through that and that’s the best we can do,” says Anderson.

She also says it’s important for everyone to be in-tune with how they’re feeling and if something isn’t right to get tested right away.

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