UMAC Announces Spring Schedule Updates for Fall Sports

The conference has tentatively rescheduled the UMAC men's and women's golf championship for April 29th.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – UMAC schools in the Northland received more clarity Wednesday in regards to what the spring season will look like for fall sports. And it’s putting coaches and players at ease while they train until then.

Let’s start with football as their season will be four games in six weeks. The teams will be split into two divisions, with St. Scholastica taking part in the North division. The season starts on March 26th and ends May 1st. And the conference tournament will feature the top three teams in each division battling it out for the title.

For volleyball, their season will feature eight games in five weeks, starting on March 6th and ending on April 3rd. UMAC volleyball coaches are still exploring options for a postseason tournament.

And for men’s and women’s soccer, they’ll have eight games in five weeks from April 3rd to May 1st. All teams will qualify for the postseason tournament during the week of May 3rd. Four teams will play for the championship, while other five will take part in a consolation bracket.

“They’re excited to be back together and they’re excited to train and get better. But it’s always nice when there’s a carrot at the end of it. Now they know they have an opportunity to play in the spring and they’re excited about that opportunity. And for us, it’s our last in the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference so they’re happy they get one more shot at the title and we’ll see what happens,” said CSS women’s soccer coach Dave Reyelts.

“They want to be together. They want to be able to compete. Even if it’s in a training environment, they want to be able to play. And that physical activity is so important. The mental health piece of it is huge and the number one priority for them is to be able to be together as a team,” UWS women’s soccer coach Allison DeGroot said.

The conference has also tentatively rescheduled the UMAC men’s and women’s golf championship for April 29th.

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