Itasca County Health Officials Express Flu Shot Importance This Fall

Flu Shots Will Be Available Within One to Two Weeks at Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital

GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – As the Labor Day weekend inches closer, officials with Itasca County Public Health Department want to remind residents and visitors that their actions could have long-term effects amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health officials say the last time they saw a huge spike in cases was two weeks after the 4th of July holiday weekend.

This is a reality the public health department and local school leaders don’t want to see happen again, as it could impact back-to-school plans.

As of Thursday, Sept. 3, Itasca County reports a total of 208 COVID-19 cases and 13 deaths.

Medical professionals are asking residents to continue masking up, social distance, and frequently wash hands.

They also urge everyone to receive a flu shot this fall to help limit the number of sick patients in hospitals and clinics.

“This year we are encouraging everybody to get the flu shot as soon as possible. If historically you waited a little bit later in the fall to get your flu shot, I would definitely encourage you to rethink that and get it as soon as you can,” said Dr. Dan Soular with Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital.

Flu shots will be available at Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital within one to two weeks.

As students return to the classroom, parents are being asked to help monitor children for COVID-19 symptoms, which include loss of taste or smell.  

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