Goats and Yoga Help De-stress in Superior

SUPERIOR, Wis.– Experts say yoga and spending time with animals can help reduce stress. One Duluth group has been putting them together for a unique experience in Superior.

Duluth Goat Yoga hoofed it to over earth rider brewing’s cedar lounge for a relaxing session. Participants got in a good stretch and managed stress with goats of all shapes sizes and colors on top around and even nibbling their human yoga partners.

Organizers say adding the furry friends adds to the experience.

“Yoga’s very therapeutic, and stress reducing and being around animals is also reducing stress, and having a nice beverage afterwards. It’s a trifecta,” said Duluth Goat Yoga Owner Angela Abernath.

You can find all future goat yoga dates and locations on Duluth Goat Yoga’s Facebook page.

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