Diocese of Duluth’s Bishop-Elect Resigns Amid Sexual Abuse Allegation

Bishop-elect Michel Mulloy's resignation comes just two months after his appointment by Pope Francis.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Diocese of Duluth’s Bishop-elect Michel Mulloy has resigned after an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor in the 1980s.

Mulloy’s resignation comes just two months after his appointment by Pope Francis.

Mulloy was set to take over the post on October 1.

Previously, he was a priest in the diocese of Rapid City, South Dakota which receive the allegation one month ago.

The diocese of Rapid City contacted law enforcement and Mulloy was directed to refrain from engaging in ministry.

The diocese then launched an independent investigation and informed the Pope.

Once Mulloy received a summary of the specific allegation, he submitted his resignation.

In June, Fox 21 was at Father Mully’s appointment where he said Duluth was a city that had welcomed him with open arms.

“I ask the good Lord to lead me and guide me and I ask for your prayers, the people of the Diocese, that I can truly be the shepherd that God wants me to be and can lead the people of the Diocese in a way that God wants to go,” said Mulloy.

Meanwhile, the diocesan administrator for the Diocese of Duluth, Father James Bissonette, issued a statement saying:

I have learned that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has accepted the resignation of Bishop-elect Michel Mulloy. Sadly, that notification was accompanied by an announcement from the Diocese of Rapid City of an accusation of sexual abuse of a minor made against Father Mulloy as a priest of that diocese. We grieve with all who have suffered sexual abuse and their loved ones. I ask you to pray for the person who has come forward with this accusation, for Father Mulloy, for the faithful of our diocese, and for all affected. We place our hope and trust in God’s providence as we await, again, the appointment of our next bishop.

Father Bissonette will continue to lead the diocese of Duluth until a new bishop is appointed.

You can read the full statement from the Diocese of Rapid City regarding the allegations here.



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