Kids Enjoy Last Days Of Summer Before Returning To School

DULUTH, Minn. – Many Northland families attempt to make the most of the days left before school resumes for several kids.

Chester bowl in Duluth was one of many popular destinations for families to spend some quality time.

Many of the kids enjoying these last moments of the season will soon be heading back to school.

Most of them are already looking forward to starting the academic year.

I’m pretty excited because I get to see all of my friends,” said John Paul Jones. “I get to be with them a lot.  Its been a while since I have been around other kids.”

Anticipation is also running high for other northland kids, visiting the Enger Park in Duluth, as they wait for school to be back in session.

Most will be returning to remote learning to start off the year.

That isn’t keeping a sixth-grader, who is headed to lincoln park middle from being excited about some of his favorite classes once he can return to school grounds.

“Recess and maybe I’ll go to science,” said Isiah Olson. “I’ve been trying to go into labs and try to do some experiments. I really want to do some experiments because they are really cool.”

Even though school is set to begin, it may be clear none of these kids and their families could pass on enjoying a little end of summer fun.

Digital learning for Duluth Public Schools will begin on Tuesday.

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