Whoopsa Daisy Farm Holding Fall Farm Weekends Through Halloween

The farm will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and have different fall activities for the whole family to enjoy.

DULUTH, Minn. – Whoopsa Daisy Farm opened up Aug. 28 and it’s been a long time coming for the owners Diane and Mike Podgornik.

“This is our first year so this is our first day and I’ve been kind of dreaming up for the past six years or so and so it’s kind of exciting to finally get there,” Diane Podgornik said.

The Podgorniks have had the farm for years and mostly used it for rentals and growing berries, but decided to open things up this year.

“About seven years ago or so, my husband came along and said, you know we can buy the back lot next door. It started out first as a berry farm and then it turned into let’s start building stuff and make some attractions for some kids and that’s where we’re going,” Podgornik said.

The farm will be doing Fall Farm Weekends through October and features all types of fall activities.

“We have crafts on the farm, we have food, we’re going to have a bonfire and s’mores. There’s donkeys, goats and chickens, and then we have a dino land that the kids can go through. My husband’s going to be running the hay wagon,” Podgornik added.

Due to COVID-19, the farm will be limited to 150 people at a time and they’re keeping it more local, but the owners hope to grow it in the future.

“I knew I could do my best to keep people safe if we keep a nice low number and being local, that’s half of it. Let’s have something for the Duluth area that people can come out and enjoy,” Podgornik said.

Whoopsa Daisy Farm will run through Halloween and has big plans for their last few weeks.

“The last two weekends of October we’re also going to do trick or treating and the kids can come on the farm and have costumes. And Halloween night for a couple of hours, we’re going to have flashlights on the farm,” Podgornik added.

As Whoopsa Daisy Farm continues to grow, the owners just hope to make the farm a fun sport for the whole family.

“I always go by the philosophy of if your kid isn’t filthy by the end of the day, they didn’t do enough outside so that’s kind of my goal. So let’s get the kids out here, run around, be free and have some fun,” Podgornik said.

To learn more or to buy a ticket, visit their website.

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