First Frost Of Season Could Be Concerning For Gardeners

Gardeners say frost can cause a plant's growth rate to decline immediately.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Temperatures are starting to drop for the season and maybe creating frost concerns for local gardeners.

Experts say when frost hits the vegetation will go into conservation mode and save nutrients down into the roots.

The pores on leaves will also close to prevent the cold from coming in, which could cause the plant’s cells to freeze and die.

Garden specialists say there is a solution.

“You can use a frost guard, which is almost like a cheesecloth or porous material, that goes over the top. It collects all the dew. The frost doesn’t actually hit the plant but just the cold air,” said James Wicklund, a supervisor at Dan’s Feed Bin.

Also, if you are looking to grow grass on lawns, it is recommended to wait until after the first major frost event happens to reseed the area.

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