Donald Trump Jr. Makes Pitch for Father on Duluth Stage

"They say we can't win Minnesota. I disagree, what about you?" he said at the podium at the DECC.

DULUTH, Minn.- To a DECC ballroom of 250 Trump supporters, Donald Trump Jr. used his “Make America Great Again” event to bolster his father’s first term in office while bashing his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

“They say we can’t win Minnesota. I disagree, what about you?” he said at the podium to an eruption of cheers.

The eldest Trump son addressed the smaller, socially distant crowd of supporters from across the Northland.

“I’ve never been to a campaign event, I’ve never really cared that much this year I feel like I cared more,” said Clint Spieler of Sturgeon Lake.

The Trump Campaign agreed to no more than 250 seats six-feet apart, per Governor Walz’s order for large gatherings. Masks were required upon entry — though many were seen taking them off after sitting.

“Minnesota’s been Democrat for a long time and it’s about time that Republicans vote out there this year,” Spieler said.

Meanwhile, a group in opposition to Donald Jr.’s stop held a protest at Gichi-ode’ Akiing Park. More on that here.

Trump Jr.’s visit comes almost two weeks after Vice President Mike Pence stopped by the Clure Public Marine Terminal in Duluth.

According to the President’s son, Minnesota is a big part of the campaign trail. “I think it’s an important state for us and then I think we’re legitimately in-play here, I think just a good representation of so much of America.”

At the rally, Donald Jr. directly addressed the handful of Iron Range miners and steelworkers present, touting what he calls his father’s achievements for American manufacturing jobs.

“I have a question for you guys: what do you think about your unions supporting Joe Biden?” he said, followed by a drone of “boos” from the audience.

“The mining union endorses Joe Biden because the Democrats have a strong hold on the unions,” he said in an interview following the rally.

“The unions and steelworkers that were here today, I asked them as I’m walking off; ‘guys’ — rank and file, the guys that were doing the work — ‘what’s the breakdown?’ he said. “They go: ‘85% Trump’.”

While enthusiastically praising what he calls the President’s creation of more jobs and better economy, the other majority of Trump Jr.’s speech was dedicated to attacking Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.

The President’s son launched attacks on both his mental function and his many years as an elected official in Washington.

“Joe Biden had 50 years to tackle these issues,” he said. “He’s running on them but he didn’t do anything.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr.’s speech comes as a new audio recording from journalist Bob Woodward is released, in which President Trump seemingly downplayed the Coronavirus, intentionally, months ago.

“[Dr. Anthony] Fauci today went on the record and said ‘I never believe Donald Trump downplayed anything. Donald Trump is a confident guy. He wants to look at things in a positive light’,” said Donald Jr.

“Of course Bob Woodward does that every time he believes he has to sell a book,” he continued, “it’s like a new scandal — by next week it will be another scandal that they’ll say that Donald Trump did that will later be disproven.”

While the Red “MAGA” hats were fewer, six-feet apart, and sat above both masked and unmasked faces, their excitement to hopefully flip the state of Minnesota red was enough for Trump Jr. to ride on.

“That’s why it’s so important for you to be involved, to make sure your friends are involved, to get them registered, to get them voting to make sure they’re aware that they’re not alone,” he said at the close of his remarks.

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