Protest Held in Response to Trump Jr’s Duluth Visit

DULUTH, Minn.– This isn’t the first time a Trump family member has visited Duluth to try to win over voters during the president’s re-election campaign. While each visit draws supporters, the events have also drawn protesters who want their message to be seen and heard.

About 50 people gathered at Gichi-ode’ Akiing park in downtown Duluth to protest Donald Trump Jr’s visit, voicing their frustrations with chants.

And it wasn’t just Duluth. Some protesters on the iron range had their own gathering in Chisholm, sharing what they call the “Proclimation of Minnesota Values,” just as the Duluth protesters did.

A section of the proclamation is quoted below.

“As Minnesotans, we the people of the Arrowhead region firmly reject the politics of hate and division. We recognize that the values we share are so much greater that that which divides us. United, we are stronger than the political opportunists who sow the seeds of distrust and disrespect.”

“We are unified as one northeastern region of Minnesota saying that we are against this divisiveness and hatred,” said organizer Mike Mayou.

Mayou has helped organize these responses since the president visited the area in 2018. He says the joint protests show unity for northern Minnesota communities.

“In Northeastern Minnesota we have very strong labor values, environmental values. We have very strong views that we accept everyone,” said Mayou.

Azrin Awal joined in reading the statement. A member of UMD’s chapter of the NAACP, she’s been active this summer, participating in demonstrations around Duluth. Where she enjoys learning about the experiences of others.

“[I like to] Show up to spaces where people’s voices are being herd so i can listen and learn. So I have been involved in organizing some protests and involved in managing some protests but at the end of the day I love just participating.”

After the demonstrations, there were participants who helped people register to vote either for in person or absentee ballot.

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