West Theater Hosts First Live Concert Since Reopening

The theater could only welcome 25% of it's normal capacity, but it was able to have a near-sellout for the first time in many months.

DULUTH, Minn. – The West Theatre hosted its first indoor concert since reopening after COVID-19 hit.

The theater could only welcome people in a 25% capacity, but they were able to have a near-sellout for the first time in many months.

“It was like Christmas in September, truly,” said Owner Bob Boone of The West Theatre.

The theater opened in mid-July for movies but Thursday Todd Eckhart and his Band performed for their first live concert.

The West Theatre is one of the only open places available to have indoor concerts in the state right now.

“I think if we do a good job we can allow people a little escape from the pressures of our weird world today and do it as safely as we can and it’s fun to see people back in here,” said Boone.

While Boone says nothing is 100% guaranteed against the virus he is doing what he can to make people are as safe as possible.

Only 25% capacity, which is around 60 guests, is allowed in the theater.

There is also a one-way movement around the theater to make sure people don’t cross paths.

Boone says that hosting events at a reduced capacity like this doesn’t really contribute to the overall financial survival of the theater, but guests were excited to have a night out again, even with maks.

“I think it’s nice getting people out to see something like this during this time. It’s important to have something local to do and to keep the business community going,” said Larry and Kristal Hanson, who have been fans of Todd Eckhart for years.

The West Theatre is also playing Tenet right now, one of the only big movies out, but Boone says there just haven’t been blockbuster crowds for the psychological thriller.

He hopes a little live music will help people feel a sense of normalcy again like how things were before the virus hit.

“People are harkening to things that make them feel normal to them again as I have a mask on,” says Boone.

He also says because the theater is one of the only venues in the state with live music, it will be welcoming many big acts in the coming weeks.

You can keep up to date on their website for who’s playing and tickets here.

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