After Postponement Fitgers 5K Rings Starting Bell

The event looked a bit different this year, but runners were still able to cross the finish line nonetheless.

DULUTH, Minn. – More than 400 runners raced through Duluth for the annual Fitgers 5K which was postponed from April due to the pandemic.

The event looked a bit different this year, but runners were still able to cross the finish line nonetheless.

After COVID-19 postponed the Fitgers 5K in April, runners finally got a chance to get out and put one sneaker in front of another.

The route went from Fitgers, down Superior Street to London Road, and back up the Lakewalk to Fitgers.

“I really enjoyed every minute of running this it was fun to run with my kids it was fun to be outside it was awesome,” said Mindy MacDonald, who ran in the race.

The race is organized by Grandma’s Marathon and all net proceeds go to the Young Athletes Foundation to promote healthy lifestyles for kids.

After putting on the Minnesota Mile just a day before and the Park Point 5 Miler in July, organizers with Grandma’s say they are learning from every experience.

“I think that this is a community that’s been so hungry to race and that’s been so hungry to be able to come together and do this,” said Laura Johnson, the board chair of Grandma’s Marathon.

Racers were required to wear a mask before and after the race.

They also started in waves to be sure there were not too many racers on the course.

“I felt safe I didn’t feel worried at all it was pretty stress-free,” said Katelyn McCall, who participated in the race.

Some runners even continued training for this race despite it being postponed.

“It gave me something to do for sure I usually would be just sitting at home but I was able to get out training every day,” says McCall.

Even though it was an overcast day, runners at the finish line spoke about why it’s so important for them to continue to get out and run.

“I think it’s super fun to be outside and just enjoying life and getting fresh air and exercising is very important,” says MacDonald.

The staff at Grandma’s Marathon is looking forward to continuing to work to be able to hold the 26-mile race next June.

“I think that we’ll be able to sue this as a building block as we look to bigger races especially our flagship weekend in June of 2021,” says Johnson.

From the registration fees, Grandma’s was able to raise thousands to support the Young Athletes Foundation.


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