Spirit Mountain, Enger Park Development, Chester Park Trail Changes Among Agenda Items for Monday’s Council Meeting

Duluth City Council will vote on Monday, September 14.

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth’s city councilors are getting ready to vote on several resolutions at Monday’s meeting dealing with parks and trails.

The aging seawall behind the DECC has been prone to flooding over the past few years during storms.

The city council will be voting on a resolution to seek a $3.5 million federal grant to help pay for the reconstruction of that wall and the walkway there to make the full match of nearly $900,000, but councilors are hoping that will come through.

“Not only would it save Duluth city taxpayers money if we got that it would also allow us to do more than what we were planning and because we would do more we would actually be able to make that area accessible for cruise ships in the future,” said Arik Forsman, a Duluth city councilor.

Also on the docket will be a vote to move ahead with a potential housing developer for Enger Park Golf Course’s driving range in the future.

If developed, the driving range will be moved to a different part of the course.

The developer is Consortium Minnesota Consulting Group LLC.

“They would put together a concept they would roll it out to the public we would vote on whether we would actually go forward with the development at that point all we’re voting on tomorrow is whether we want to continue the conversation or not,” says Councilor Forsman.

Another resolution, if passed, would give $74,000 to the newly formed Spirit Mountain task force to allow members to seek expertise from a consulting firm that specializes in looking at the financial side of ski resorts.

“They’re going to come in and evaluate everything from top to bottom about where we are performing underperforming overperforming and give really solid recommendations based on data and comparisons to other ski resorts for what the task force could choose to recommend,” says Forsman.

Council will also be voting on whether a popular multi-use trail in Chester Park should become cross-country skiing only for the snow season.

The parks and recreation commission already voted 8-1 in favor of making it ski only, however the council will have the final say.

There will still be other multi-use trails in Chester Park regardless.


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