Winter Gear Selling Well as Summer Ends

DULUTH, Minn.– Minnesota weather has been keeping Northlanders on their heels the last few weeks as people in the area get ready for the winter season.

Winter items like snow blowers, snowmobiles, winter tracks for ATVs, and more are starting to sell already here in September. While snow isn’t expected for a little bit longer, Northlanders say it’s never too early to get prepared.

“Snow blowers kind of come off as a work purchase but people get excited about them,” said Chris Gassert, Manager at Duluth Lawn and Sport in west Duluth. “Think about the time it saves you, every night you get home from work, rather than spending an hour shoveling, you spend 10 minutes snowblowing.”

Management at Duluth Lawn and Sport says they are working hard to keep as many items in stock as they can while manufacturers are slowed during the pandemic.

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