Absentee Ballots In High Demand, Won’t Need to be Re-printed in Wisconsin

WISCONSIN — Absentee ballots, which are in high demand this election year, can continue to print the way they are in Wisconsin after Monday’s state Supreme Court ruling.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court judges ruled that absentee ballots would not need to be re-printed to include Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins.

Before this decision was made, the high court put a temporary freeze on mailing absentee ballots to voters in the state while it reviewed the case.

Almost 2,000 Wisconsin municipal clerks warned in court filings that it not only would have been expensive to print and mail new absentee ballots to include Hawkins, but it also would have ruined their deadline getting them to voters.

Over in Superior, the city clerk’s office is working on sending out approximately 4,600 absentee ballots this week.

“We’re seeing the largest number of absentee ballots that we’ve ever seen, so it’s going to change the dynamics of elections,” Terri Kalan, the city clerk for Superior, said. “There will be more people voting by absentee than there will be going to the polls, I think. But we’re ready for it.”

So far, almost one million ballots have been requested by Wisconsin voters, which election officials must send out by Thursday.

Voters in Wisconsin have until October 29th to request an absentee ballot.



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