Newly Remodeled Lake View Hospital Unveiled

TWO HARBORS, Minn.– The new Lake View Hospital in Two Harbors is now unveiled.  It’s a place hospital leaders are calling a major step forward for the future of healthcare in the region.

More than two years ago, Lake View and St. Luke’s put plans in motion to strengthen and modernize the facilities in Two Harbors.  The main goal was creating a place to even better serve patients from many surrounding communities.

A big ceremony celebrated the first up close look at the newly renovated lake view hospital in Two Harbors.  This project combines the hospital and medical clinic into one building. The 15 month construction project cost $15 million to complete.

“We wanted one building just to better serve all of our customers and patients,” said Lake View Hospital President and CEO Greg Ruberg.

As patients walk in, the new lobby is designed for a more private registration. Labs from the hospital and the pharmacy have been combined as well to streamline workflow.

The new additions will support infusion therapy later this fall, along with rheumatology, chemotherapy and other high tech services and technology that are not always available in rural communities like Two Harbors.

“Our patients have said repeatedly, ‘Please offer that service so I don’t have to drive out of my community,’” said Ruberg. “We wanted to do so in a cost efficient way and keep that high quality care that we pride ourselves on here.”

Another feature is the new community conference center that can hold over 90 people. Lake View and St. Luke’s leaders want this to become a place that focuses on community wellness, preventative healthcare and more.

“A gathering place,” said St. Luke’s President And CEO  Kevin Nokels. “A gathering place when we can once again gather. Gather for education, for meetings, for discussion. Bringing together a community that promotes health and wellness.”

The president of The Two Harbors Area Chamber of Commerce says rural hospitals like lake view are one of the largest and higher paying employers in the region.  And hopes this major renovation helps bring in even more people to invest in the community.

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