Northland Catering Businesses Feeling Impacts Of Covid-19

DULUTH, Minn. – Many Northland catering companies are experiencing big impacts as the covid-19 pandemic continues.

Midcoast Catering in Duluth is holding on strong in the midst of the global pandemic, but the business continues to face a lot of uncertainty.

The ongoing health crisis has forced many area companies into having their employees work from home.

With many more people than usual working remotely, there is no longer much of a need for business catering.

Before the pandemic hit the northland, midcoast was catering for businesses on a weekly basis.
that isn’t happening any longer.

The owner believes the future can still be bright…as he waits for more normal routines to return.

“Of course you are a little bit concerned and you hope for the best and expect the worst. We know this has affected everyone. Now it is just waiting to see what’s going to happen,” said Jonathan Reznick, owner of Midcoast Catering.

Weddings are another way midcoast earns income.

Fortunately, much of its business from weddings has stayed steady throughout the pandemic.

Only a handful of newlyweds have canceled their catered events.

The owner says they have received more business than usual from people who have decided to have smaller weddings.

While Midcoast has been able to survive the pandemic others in this type of work are facing more significant setbacks.

What happens next when it comes to changes for the catering industry is still unknown.

The winter is also typically a slower time for many catering businesses, which may bring on even more challenges.

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