Wisconsin Sees High COVID Infection Rate, Loss of FEMA Funding For PPE in Schools and Other Public Entities

MADISON, Wis. — Governor Tony Evers’ administration shared an update on Tuesday that Wisconsin is dealing with a high COVID-19 infection rate, while FEMA has pulled funding to help supply PPE to public entities like schools.

During Tuesday’s update, the administration shared that Wisconsin hit a new record for the number of COVID-19 test results coming back positive in a day¬† on Sunday at 21 percent, which is about 1,550 tests.

Governor Tony Evers said Wisconsin has become one of the top nine states in America with the highest rate of COVID-19 infections per capita. The state has a cumulative total of 91,000 COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began.

Now the state is running into a new challenge as schools get back in session.

FEMA is no longer supplying states with the money to buy PPE for public institutions, such as schools, courthouses, prisons, and other entities.

Governor Evers wants the federal agency to reverse its decision, which is also affecting other states.

“The most important thing is the federal government has to continue to step up here,” Evers said. “They’re the ones that are able to, frankly, write a check and the states are not in that position.”

PPE for first responders and healthcare workers will still be funded by FEMA.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin’s mask mandate expires on September 28th.

Governor Evers has not committed to extending it, but said the legislature seems unwilling to implement similar precautions for the state.



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