Duluth YMCA Gives Free Meal Kits for Families

DULUTH, Minn.– The Duluth Area YMCA gave out 30 free meal kits for families.

It’s funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. Meal kits came with recipes and the ingredients to make tacos and spaghetti. Each kit has enough for a family of four to have two full meals.

The kits will be given out every Wednesday at the downtown YMCA and the Gary New Duluth Community Center. Kits can also be grabbed on Thursdays at the Harbor Highlands Community Center and the YMCA in Hermantown.

“Part of it is just the access to food but the second part of it is learning the life skills. So you get to go home, work with your kids on creating these meals together and it can be a fun family event,” said Jacob Sass, Food Access Coordinator for Duluth YMCA.

The YMCA is giving out almost 1,000 meals every week.

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