Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Visits Duluth as Early Voting Begins

DULUTH, Minn.– Former Vice President Joe Biden made his way to the Duluth area today, marking his first stop in Minnesota as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Joe Biden made his first campaign appearance to the battleground state of Minnesota, a region that could be a big factor on Election Day.

The presidential hopeful flew into Duluth early Friday afternoon as he made his pitch to voters in northern Minnesota.

Joined by Minnesota senators Tina Smith and Amy Klobuchar, Biden visited the Carpenter’s Union Lodge in Hermantown. Touring the facility and meeting with area workers.

“It’s time we give hardworking families who literally built the country through their skills and their sweat and their blood, like the united brotherhood of carpenters and joiners, a leg up for once,” said Biden.

Biden then spoke about the pandemic and his plan to help Minnesotan’s bounce back if elected.

“Here in Minnesota and all across the country, there are plenty of folks who are hurting, said Biden. “They’re worried about making their next mortgage payment, keeping their rent payments in check.

His tour of the Northland included stops at a Duluth fire hall talking with first responders. Then down to Canal Park to meet with Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Duluth Mayor Emily Larson.

On his way to the Carpenter’s Hall, Biden was greeted by supporters as made his way into the building.

Biden supporter Skip Van Kessel said environmental issues and preventing voter suppression are on his mind this November.

He believes Joe Biden is the right person to become the next president and is glad he’s making a stop here in northern Minnesota.

“We are according to the polls an even state,” said Van Kessel. “I’m glad Biden is here because he needs to be in the presence and show himself.”

Another Biden supporter says she’s voting for the Democratic nominee because he can unify the country in these divided times.

“The hate and ugliness that this country has sunk to in the last four years, I really want that to stop,” said Biden supporter Judyth Babst.

Trump supporters made their presence felt along the opposite side of the highway from the hall, with both sides trading chants.

“We need a lot of jobs up on the Iron Range, they are voting red this year,” said Trump supporter Rosemary Dejuliannie. “Get your job done, if blue wants to get in, start working for the people.”

After multiple visits from the Trump administration to Duluth and with Biden’s visit Friday, it’s going down to be a key matchup as Election Day approaches.

Biden is looking to keep Minnesota and its 10 electoral votes with the Democrats this November. The state hasn’t sided with the GOP in a presidential election since 1972.

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