Superior Cluster Brings in Participants Despite Pandemic

As the pandemic continues, it still hasn't stopped one local dog show from happening in Superior albeit with some new protocols in place.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – As the pandemic continues, it still hasn’t stopped one local dog show from happening in Superior albeit with some new protocols in place.

The Superior Cluster is bringing in people from all over the country to participate in its dog show happening all weekend at the Head of the Lakes fairgrounds.

“I just think that when they’re this pretty, you need to share’em,” said Diane Carl, an owner of a dog participating in the show.

Diane Carl drove ten hours from Kalamazoo, Michigan just to come to the show. She wouldn’t have come here otherwise but there aren’t many shows for her dog to participate in because of COVID restrictions. This show does have some including mask-wearing and social distancing.

“Just watching my dog going around the ring looking so pretty,” said Carl. “I work hard to keep his toenails short and comb his hair and give him supplements and give him baths every Friday night. Then you go watch him in the ring and see how pretty they look and it’s just rewarding.”

And because of the pandemic, there’s been a huge economic loss for those who take part in dog shows, as many have been canceled.

Professional handlers, vendors that sell supplies, show photographers – everybody had lost their income due to the virus.

“It touched so many of the folks that we know and see every week in and out doing shows,” said Terry James, the dog show superintendent. “A lot of these people travel like we do going from show to show.”

And despite all the cancelations, those trainers say they are happy to have an event like this. Otherwise all their hard work would go to waste.

“This sport, people are passionate about it and they don’t want to sit home doing nothing when they can come out and show the dogs,” said James. “So we’ve adapted, like anything else.”

There are about 750 dogs per day taking part in the show festivities, everything from the sporting breeds to the herding and working breeds.

Unfortunately, public viewership of the show is off-limits.

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