University Of Minnesota Medical School Of Duluth Tests Campus Sewage For COVID-19

DULUTH, Minn. – Several colleges and universities have already seen a large number of COVID-19 cases hit their campuses.

Now researchers from the University of Minnesota Medical School of Duluth are conducting a study to further examine COVID-19 through sewage waste.

A couple of times a week, wastewater from residence halls on both U of M Duluth and Twin Cities campuses.

This is a technique the school is using to find out if it could be useful in tracking the spread of the virus.

The study is also being conducted in communities around the state and the goal is to determine if testing sewage waste could detect COVID-19 cases in specific areas.

“If we can look at wastewater and refine the techniques to sensitively measure whats going on and be a reflection of the community, it might provide the signal to say now should we increase testing in that community,” said Dr. Tim Schacker, the vice dean of research at the U of M Medical School.

U of M Medical School researchers say there is no timeline on how long the study is being conducted.

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