Applefest Brought to Your Door During Pandemic

BAYFIELD, Wis.– The 59th annual Applefest in Bayfield isn’t happening this year due to the pandemic but organizers are now going to be bringing the event right to your door.

The Bayfield Foods Cooperative will be putting together Applefest Boxes this year that can be delivered to any Minnesota or Wisconsin address.

The boxes will have your choice of the different kinds of Bayfield apples, apple cider, and any other Bayfield specialties, including fish and cheese as well. Most of the sales will go directly back to the Bayfield area farmers.

“Everyone loves it and it’s something that we look forward to all year and a lot of people in our region look forward to it all year,” said Missy Krift, who helps with sales and marketing for Bayfield Foods Cooperative. “So we kind of wanted to fill the void that everyone was feeling without Applefest this year.”

Boxes cost about $60 each and can be ordered on their website they will be delivered sometime in October. Organizers say to order now before they run out.

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