Wrenshall School District Changes Plans for Younger Students

"Coming back to school, learning about what school is about. It’s just really important to able to be in person."

WRENSHALL, Minn. – Earlier this week, the Wrenshall School District announced students would not be returning to in-person classes until November 9th after a high number of staff and students felt sick with COVID-19 symptoms. But now, there’s been a change in plans and some students are returning to in-person learning much sooner.

The Wrenshall School District had been doing hybrid learning for all students. Then after some staff members had COVID-related symptoms, the district transferred over to all distance learning.

That’s when several pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers spoke up, requesting face-to-face classes for their students primarily because they believe in-person learning is the best way to educate that age group.

The school board agreed to that plan.

“But really to adequately educate them with all that school like things,” said Kimberly Belcastro, the superintendent of Wrenshall School District. “Coming back to school, learning about what school is about. It’s just really important to able to be in person.”

Pre-kindergarten students are already back with a hybrid model while kindergarteners will be restarting with hybrid learning on the first Monday in October. The main goal is for the district to best meet student needs.

“It’s really a tough time,” said Belcastro. “It’s a really tough time and a very sad time right now for our schools because I don’t, you know, the kids need more than we’re able to give them.”

Wrenshall schools are also have some outdoor classes, not just for the younger children and the school will be hosting organized activities like volleyball, football, and cross country running.

There have been two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the school district.


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