DFL Leaders Speak On Trump’s Leadership Ahead Of Visit

DULUTH, Minn- Ahead of President Trump’s visit local DFL leaders joined together virtually to highlight their displeasure with the leadership from the Trump administration.

Leaders such as House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, and others expressed their feelings on the recent presidential debate and confirmed their support for Joe Biden during the press conference.

Those key elected officials were also in agreement on what they believe is the lack of response to the COVID-19 pandemic from President Trump.

“He sparse out core information about the coronavirus pandemic at a timeline he thinks is best for him. I am not about him. I am about this community. I am about this state and this country. I am about Joe Biden,” said Mayor Emily Larson.

House Majority Ryan Winkler sounded off by saying he believes president trump is looking to stay in office to avoid debt collections of $100 million, which would leave him bankrupt once his presidency ends.

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