Grandma’s Marathon Registrations Starts Thursday

DULUTH, Minn – Runners missed out on this year’s Grandma’s Marathon due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Now they can look forward to next year.

Registration for the 45th annual marathon opens on Thursday.

Leadership for the event say they were forced to start from scratch in order to come up with a safety plan ahead of registration day.

This plan included rebuilding the entire weekend to allow for social distancing.

The executive director says the planning phase has come with its challenges but not having a marathon next year would be another devasting blow for the community.

“It’s such a big deal for this whole region, especially with the $20 million impact. Having Grandma’s canceled two years in a row not only affects our organization but for many non-profits and hospitality industry in this community,” said Shane Bauer.

Every year the event draws in thousands of runners.

The hope next year is to at least host the marathon at half capacity, but this will limit the race to only 4,000 runners in both the half and full marathon.

Leadership say the demand may be higher than what they may be able to accept during registration.

If COVID-19 conditions get better in the future, registration is expected to open again to allow for more people to sign-up for next year’s event.

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