Recap: Pres. Trump Rallies Thousands in Duluth Hoping to Flip Minnesota Red

"I lose Minnesota, I'm never coming back," he said.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Northland is hot off President Donald Trump’s campaign stop in Duluth Wednesday — one night after his fiery debate with Vice President Joe Biden.

This was the President’s second visit to Minnesota, the first being in Bemidji two weeks previous, on the trail to get Trump the states he says he needs to be reelected this November.

“I’ve got Minnesota, I’ve got everybody,” Trump said after exiting Air Force One and taking the stage.

The roar of the presidential jumbo jet was almost drowned out by the roar of the crowd it rolled up to.

“It’s my first time,” said one attendee, Ron Rotondo. “And the excitement when they come back is contagious.”

1,200 seats in the private Duluth International Hangar were filled, and Duluth Fire Chief Shawn Krizaj said thousands more were standing around them.

A crowd that President Trump said took him by surprise.

“This was supposed to be a little get together then they said sir we’ve got thousands of people,” he said.

But he had no issue electrifying those thousands of his supporters with his remarks.

“Seeing clips on TVs of the rallies, he speaks to me, y’know like a friend of mine sitting at a bar talking about life and politics,” said Rotondo.

In the sea of red “Make America Great Again” hats very few masks were seen, with social distancing practically nonexistent.

This, despite Governor Tim Walz asking both presidential campaigns to strongly encourage mask-wearing and limit attendance at events, as the coronavirus is seeing a steady spike in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

“Do I feel safe without a mask? Definitely,” said Deb Trutneau, a Trump supporter from Shakopee who came to see him.

“I feel like this virus has run its course and it’s time to open up,” she said. As of Wednesday night, the virus has claimed over 200,000 lives across the United States. “Get the country going again and let us have our freedom and not be told ‘I have to wear a mask’.”

Right out of the gate, Trump wasted no time in his speech getting to his debate with Joe Biden the night before.

He attacked both Biden and FOX News moderator Chris Wallace.

“I was debating two people last night,” Trump said.” Joe Biden is too weak to lead this country.”

But unlike his son Donald Jr’s previous visit to Duluth at the DECC at the beginning of September, the President heavily outlined what he calls his many achievements for the mining industry.

“A critical issue in this election is the fate of the Minnesota Iron Range,” he said. “We started construction on the Soo Locks to get iron ore to market very quickly so not only did we open it we got it to market we fixed the locks.”

His claims of helping the state were even more of a draw for his fans at the rally.

“I know he loves the state of Minnesota and I know that he’s been here quite a few times and the times that he has been here I feel like he heas really riled this state up a whole lot,” said Trutneau.

As the President started wrapping up, he practically implored the crowd to vote in the election this November. “So get your friends, get your neighbors and get your coworkers, and get out and vote. We gotta win,” he said, hinting that a lot hinges on this state for his reelection.

“I lose Minnesota, I’m never coming back,” he mentioned a few times in Duluth.

“This is my 5th rally and I just think that he needs so much support and I would love to see Minnesota turn red,” said Trutneau.

A cry to flip the state red that resonated with the crowd hoping to see Trump remain in power for four more years.

He closed his speech rousing the packed hangar with his trademark line.

“We will make America wealthy again. We will make America strong again. We will Make America proud again. We will make America safe again and we will make America great again.”

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