KYN: Ketamine North Infusion Center

The infusion center is located on Central Entrance in Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn. – A new wellness option is now available in the Twin Ports for patients who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Since opening up the Ketamine North Infusion Center last year, anesthetists Natalie Johnson and Patrick Bailey have seen a number of people coming in for a variety of ailments.

“Someone who has struggled with lifelong depression, anxiety, PTSD. They were trying other medications that were either working and don’t work anymore, or haven’t found a medication that works,” Co-Owner, Natalie Johnson says.

The infusion center is located on Central Entrance in Duluth.

It became a popular destination once a psychiatrist who was giving low-dose ketamine infusions for people with treatment resistant disorders, retired.

“People were going to have to go to Minneapolis to get their ketamine infusions they were depending on,” Co-Owner, Natalie Johnson says.

The powerful anesthetic is has been used to help treat depression symptoms and some type of pain and the center has now done roughly 600 infusions.

“Sometimes they will see like some colors and shapes. Sometimes they really don’t see anything. They get to a floaty feeling, we call that the sweet spot, kind of in that floating area. That’s when the ketamine is really working on their brain,” Certified Nurse, Patrick Bailey says.

While research continues on Ketamine infusion therapy, the centers owners say they’re seeing many positive results with their partients.

These nurses have a goal of providing a calm experience when you enter the building, and a rejuvenating experience when you leave.

“It will be like a spa like environment instead of the typical clinic environment. Dim lights, a leather recliner, eye mask, weighted blanked. Very calm setting,” Co-Owner, Natalie Johnson says.


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