Many Outside Enjoying Duluth’s Nice Day after Chilly Week

People made the most of the sixty-degree Monday, knowing old man winter is right around the corner.

DULUTH, Minn.- Monday’s warmer temperatures made many in Duluth prepare for it to be the last nice-weather week before winter, as they got out on the city’s parks and trials enjoying a break from a chilly week.

“Love it yes,” said Dave Tedlund. “Especially after last week hopefully we get more than just this week too.”

Bike wheels and hiking boots trod the trails of Lester Park on the sixty degree Monday.

“Actually a little overdressed for it today,” Tedlund said. “Just out for a little bike ride. Just picked up my bike from the shop after getting repaired and out for a little test drive and having a little fun.”

The nice weather coupled with Lester Park’s dry, maintained trails, took Tedlund’s ride from a little test drive to over six miles.

“It’s just a great trail not too many bumps a lot of uphill to downhill a lot of terrain a lot of trail, beautiful bridges to go over,” he said.

And the warm sun illuminating the fresh fall colors of leaves brought others out for a casual hike. “It’s beautiful I just like walking and looking through the forest,” said young Severin Johnson, hiking with his family.

No matter what age, everyone seemed to know that nice days like this will soon be few and far between.

“It’s kind of fun before like winter starts because it’s like without any snow and winter’s starting soon so we should, you should go out on a hike before winter starts because it’s nice out,” Johnson said.

But if babbling brooks and rustling leaves aren’t your thing, the pleasant weather brought the bustle to Canal Park.  “It did. I thought it was going to be cold,” said Amanda Truscott.

People took the opportunity to watch the ships through the harbor or just enjoy the lakeside. Some on scooters, like Truscott, Auriana VanArsdale and Jacob Johnson.

“We decided to come ride the Leaf scooters cause it’s a nice day and you don’t get days like this in October so here we are,” she said.

But being the Northland, many are still looking to get outside in the snow in just a couple months. “We do a lot of snowmobiling and whatnot in the winter,” said Tedlund.

“Make the winter a little bit shorter if we can,” he said.

Meanwhile young Severin can’t wait for all snow-related activities. “I like making snowballs, like just what a normal person would in the snow.”

Until then, they’ll all make use of the days like Monday, knowing old man winter’s right around the corner.

“One more day left for the year,” said Truscott.

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