Trump Supporters Protest Mayor Larson at City Hall

DULUTH, Minn.– Last week, a group of Trump supporters drove down the street of Duluth Mayor Emily Larson’s home after her remarks calling President Trump a ‘white supremacist.’ This time, they are voicing their frustrations at City Hall.

A group of people gathered at Duluth City Hall Friday to protest Mayor Larson’s statement regarding the line of cars that drove down her street.

“We did it legally, we stayed on the street. We followed the law,” said protest organizer Sissy Sharie.

In the statement, posted by the mayor on social media last weekend, she says a ‘Trump truck parade’ circled her neighborhood for 30 minutes and claims some people in the line of vehicles were yelling ‘racist taunts.’ Larson also said the only people she saw driving through were men.

Sharie says it wasn’t all men because she was one of the organizers of last week’s event and of Friday‚Äôs protest. Along with other women who showed up to City Hall.

“She needs to apologize to us because she needs to show us where we said racist slurs in her neighborhood. She says she had video sent to her, where are those videos,” said Sharie.

Connie Sylvester was one Duluth resident who showed up to the protest. She believes the mayor is not fully representing the people of Duluth.

“Our mayor is supposed to not be biased in her community and she has gone so far left that she is leaving out more than half of her community,” said Sylvester.

After reaching out to the mayor’s office, Mayor Larson had no comment on the protest.

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