Pro-Trump Mining Rally Held in Virginia as Presidential Election Approaches

VIRGINIA, Minn.– Minnesota has become a state both presidential candidates have spent a lot of time campaigning in ahead of November’s election.

More specifically, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have been hoping to appeal to voters on Minnesota’s Iron Range as a key area in the state.

Trump voters gathered in Virginia on Friday to give a boost to supporters in the area as Election Day draws closer, including a visit from a Trump campaign official.

Trump supporters got together at the veterans memorial park Friday in Virginia. Just weeks before November’s election.

A heavy focus from both candidates so far has been on the Iron Range with different views on how to get the area back on track.

“Mining is the number one important thing in our area and we need to protect that,” said Hibbing Taconite Miner Jed Holewa.

Third generation miners like Holewa came to the rally to show his support for candidates that he says support mining like President Trump. Pointing to his policies of deregulation and tariffs on foreign steel.

“I’m just tired of the unions supporting candidates that are against our area and our way of life up here. I’m tired of it, we’re all tired of it,” said Holewa.

“We need candidates that actually represent our area that will fight for mining and our police.”

The rally also had an appearance from Marc Lotter, who is the director of strategic communications for the Trump campaign. During his speech the audience, he says the president’s pitch to the iron range is simple. Security.

“It’s about your jobs, your mine, it’s about your paychecks, it’s about leaving a better future for your children and grandchildren. And the ones who you fought hard to build yourself,” said Lotter.

Across the street, a group of Biden supporters made an appearance.

One Biden supporter says he thinks the former VP will get the area going with his pro-union policies and promises to create an infrastructure plan.

“We have almost 300 people laid off at the Keetac mine. We’ve had 5 steel mills closed in us steel,” said Biden supporter John Arboga. “I think if Joe Biden is elected, I think he’ll change things for the Iron Range.”

The election is already underway here in Minnesota with early voting beginning in late September.

According recent to several state and national polls, Biden is leading by about a 7-9 point average in the polls.

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